He could be any of us! He could be me, he could be you!

So I work for a bank that does everything online, I am a escalations person work works for said bank. This story happened back in May and it still gives me a chuckle to this day.

Me: Escalations this is Dan.

Agent: Oh thank goodness I got you Dan, this is Rob and I got a interesting one today.

(I pull up the customers information and continue)

Agent: This guy wants a supervisor because “He saw on Reddit that we where being hacked” I know that you browse there often and I really don’t know what that is.

Me: Wait, he stated that Reddit told him something? Then it was stating that our bank specifically was being hacked?

(Interest I have to take the call now)

Me: This is Dan a floor supervisor here, what seems to be the issue today?

Customer: Yes hi, I called in today because I saw on Reddit that your bank was being hacked as we speak and I need to speak to your fraud department now.

Me: Well I do apologize sir however normally we don’t post anything like that on any social media platform. Normally we recommend you call us first if you have any questions.

Customer: Well I mean I trust this information that was given to me.

Me: Did you still want me to get you in touch with the fraud department?

Customer: Well could you have them call me back I am currently at work?

(Work allows you to go on Reddit, but doesn’t like it when you call your bank… I think that’s strange)

Me: Well… I wouldn’t be able to, but I can hold with you until we get somebody.

The customer disconnected before I got him there and I just found that call to be weird. Afterwards I looked up anything on my bank and proceeded to find nothing suggesting that we where being hacked at that moment.

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