Finally cracked on a caller.

I was barely awake enough to speak to humans but I had to start my shift and hit the dreaded green button that gives the go ahead to get calls. ding and gave my greeting which asks how I could help. The woman immediately began yelling at me her issues and complaining and asked for a supervisor right away and that she will not speak to me. I remained calm and explained to her I would still have to verify all of her information and attempt to assist her before a supervisor will even take a call. She yelled some more about how I was not helping yada yada. I explained again that I would be glad to assist her (that’s a lie) and let’s get through the verification. Yell, yell, yell.

I get yelled at a lot despite being calm, polite and professional to these assholes. I’m a very sensitive person, I can’t handle getting yelled at, it’s extremely mentally and emotionally hard on me. I have applied at over 100 places in the last 2 years of working here but no interviews even when I call the locations and let them know how interested I am in an interview.

Anyways… Something finally just SNAPPED and it went something like this: “you’re going to stop talking and stop yelling at me and listen to me, I’m not gonna put up with this! I get yelled at all day for not doing anything to cause the hostility and attacks on me, I get paid minimum wage and that’s not enough to deal with your attitude or anyone else’s attitude. I’m a person with feelings just like you! I have lots of problems right now but I wasn’t gonna take it out on you and treat you badly. My cat is dying, I am having health issues but don’t make enough money to see a Dr, my health insurance has a 5000 dollar deductible and no copays so I have to pay full cost, I’m stuck at this the horrible job dealing with horrible people and not for lack of trying to get another job. So here’s the deal, you can either treat me better for the rest of this phone call and I can see how I can best help you or you can be put back in the queue, wait on hold however long for a rep and go through it all over again, or just let me help you and not be rude!”

She actually was silent for a few seconds, said she was sorry and that she was just very frustrated and will continue the call with me. We did the call, I had to put her on hold a few times to do research to help her. One hold I came back to tell her I’m still working on it and she gave me a sincere heart felt apology admitting her wrong, and I let her know I appreciate the apology. I did solve her problem, though.

Luckily this call wasn’t heard and I still have the job. But I have to be honest, it felt amazing giving it right back to them.

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"I don’t care if your supervisor says the same thing you just said, i want to speak to him"

Sometimes you just have to say it