Worst person ever

Worked for the Google Play Store at a call center. Graveyard shift – Pacific time so it was day time Australia and India. About 80% were Indian, 10% Australian, and 10% USA.

This dude from the US called. Apparently his tablet updated without his permission and he was flipping out. He wanted to know exactly how much space it took. We’re tech support for androids and anything Google Play related, but not system related. I Google searched it, asked other employees, asked the only manager, couldn’t find any answer.

He demanded one. I told him he’s not getting one. He hung up, called back immediately. We weren’t busy on graveyard shift so there’s usually enough workers not on the phone to get him passed around 40 people within a short time frame. He kept calling back and getting other people, getting the same answer (we all had a group chat and everyone was notified) and he just kept doing it. I got him about 25 times in an hour.

He literally started calling, not saying anything, and just hanging up. He did it to annoy us. It got to where I got pissed and yelled, “look I know you don’t have a life and are bored and miserable, but stop fucking calling and move on with your life. You’re pathetic as fuck wasting all time on something we can’t change!” He wasn’t speaking, but by this point he was the only one calling and we memorized his number so we knew when it was him. Luckily I didn’t get in trouble, my manager actually laughed, but damn that was so annoying. It got to where he kept calling back, but when he heard it was me he’d hang up immediately so that’s funny.

Are people really this bored with their lives?! So he kept calling for the last 6 hours of my shift and when I left, he kept calling for an additional 9 hours on top of that. He knew we couldn’t help, he just loved pissing us off.

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