Good Callers

I’m no longer a CSR, thinking about getting back into it. But I had an experience the other day, I had to call a support line because something wasn’t working, I was my usual pleasant self. I’ve always been this way, I was raised to be kind to every one. So when the CSR answered, I could immediately tell he was well, frustrated wouldn’t began to describe his mood right then. I could tell it had been a day from hell for him, so I kind of upped my game, and went from just respecting him, and being pleasant to actually trying to make him laugh.

He kept saying, “thank you for being so nice and understanding”. Then at the end of the call he was like “Mr. Man, you don’t know how much I appreciate you being so great, you have really made my day, I can’t began to tell you what it means to me”, and he just kept going on about how it wasn’t normal and in his 5 year career I was the first caller that had been nice to him.

So that got me to thinking, I would love to hear about that one caller that just made your day. Maybe they kept you from quitting that day, maybe you were at the point of crying, and they just lifted your spirit, and gave you the strength to keep going, maybe it was just an unusual pleasant call. So what you got.

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Worst person ever

Callers from India wouldn’t even try because of their language barrier.