Today I had a call that made me shaking out of anger

I’ve been in this job for almost a year and as it goes I’m pretty much dead from inside now and angry customers usually don’t bother me anymore.

Obligatory, it’s a pandemic lines are always full people are annoyed yadayadada. (also im on phone and English isn’t my native so sorry for any spellings or formatting errors)

TL;DR: customer redeemed a voucher didn’t know it’s only applicable for a subscription and not wallet funding, thinks we all are scammers who are breaking the law.

I work at a gaming firm and we handle refund requests, gaming errors account issues, stuff with vouchers ect.

This guy was calling for a wrong charge for their subscription they purchased months ago.

I’m thechubbychick (TCC) and I’ll call the customer Evilspawnfromhell (ESFH)

TC: hello my name is tc welcome to firm I work with what can I do for you

ESFH: well months ago I purchased your online subscription and I was wrongfully charged. Now I’m seeing that your company is giving away free money to people and I feel really stupid.

TC: oh I’m sorry before we get into this may I take your personal information to make a contact?

ESFH: obliges and gives me the personal data I need.

TC: thank you so much, now I need some account data to see what has happened.

ESFH: gives me account data but then starts to go on how he thinks it’s unfair that he’s basically paying for the free money they are giving away to people now and then I got charged the full amount again so basically I spent way to much money as I could have just chosen the yearly subscription.

TC: (me already slightly flabbergasted as he’s talking really fast but I’m still really polite as I can be) we don’t make money by charging people wrong I’m sorry that you feel this way but this error doesn’t pay for gifts a few selected customers received. As for the second billing the reduced price only counts for one time and after that you automatically get charged the full amount.

ESFH: well in a way I did because you people didn’t charge me correctly and I still should have some money left if you had charged me correct the first time.

TC: sir, this happened months ago according to your information provided this happened half a year ago, why are you only contacting us now?

ESFH: well I didn’t care then but as I said you’re now giving free money away and I feel scammed by you guys, if your company is doing so well I don’t want to pay for others free money.

TC: I’m sorry you feel this way, please allow me to take a minute to see what happened, is it okay if I put you on hold for a minute to look further into this matter?

ESFH allows me to do this, I quickly ask our support for past promotions we had regarding the subscription and look further into the account myself.

This is when I see it. ESFH bought a voucher code directly for a subscription and didn’t purchase a subscription for a reduced price.

If you buy the subscription vouchers they do not work as wallet funding but only as the subscription. Meaning you can not use them to buy other things with the subscription will automatically be activated, discounts or promotions do not apply in this case.

TC: i see that you activated a voucher code for the subscription the first time during the promotion time frame. I’m really sorry but these codes don’t act as wallet funding meaning you weren’t able to get the promotion.

ESFH: what? That’s scamming people nowhere on the voucher does it say that this doesn’t apply for promotions and I paid money from it so I should be able to take advantage of the promotion!

TC: no this is not scamming people, this is how our vouchers work. I’m sorry sir but at this point there is nothing I can do for you.

ESFH: yes this is scamming and you know it. I should have been able to use the promotion and If I weren’t allowed to because the voucher only is for a subscription and not wallet funding this is called scamming in our country.

TC: is there anything else I can do for you?

ESFH: we’re in our country, we’re all citizens here you have to abide by the law this is against the law!

TC: I’m really sorry you feel this way sir but this is company support and I can’t comment on current laws.

ESFH: well you have to follow the laws and I want to talk to your supervisor.

TC: as I said I can’t comment on law, I can’t directly connect you to a supervisor but I can escalate the case for a response.

ESFH: you’re scamming people, you’re all scammers that belong in jail, I want my money back this is not how the vouchers work ect ect ect

I try to explain it a few times more but he doesn’t let me talk really anymore at this point I said that I’m sorry I couldn’t help him but as he doesn’t want me to explain it to him so I ended the call.

I was shaking after this call so much that I had to sacrifice a toilet break before I went back into the line.

The next call I barely held it together and was still shaking. Sorry for the long rant but I just had to get this out. If you’ve read this long: <3 hope you had a nice dump and stay strong

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