They really like to argue about every little thing, don’t they?

M: Thank you for calling x my name is F can I get your name before we begin?

C: my name is C that’s (proceeds to spell out entire name excruciatingly slowly)

M: thank you and how can I help you?

C: I bought something I never got, can you do something about it?

M: of course, what do you mean by do something about it though?

C: well I just thought if I bought something through you and didn’t get it I’d be covered

M: well you are, I just was wondering if you wanted to dispute it or get the seller’s contact information or-

C: well why didn’t you say that when I said do something about it! If I said do something you should have told me my options right away!

M: I’m sorry, I thought I’d ask if you had a resolution in mind before assuming you would want me to tell you all of the possible options you had for “something”

C: well I want to dispute it

M: okay, well I’ve sent you an email with instructions on how to dispute it

C: You really need to stop. I said I wanted to dispute it not have to do it myself

M: well if you want our disputes team to help you file it instead of doing it yourself, you can send a message to our chat team and they will help

C: Did I say I wanted to chat? You can just file it for me now I don’t want to chat

M: well I’m sorry but I can’t file it for you, you will have to-

C: transfer me to them.



M: I can show you how to chat if you want.

C: you shouldn’t have had to ask what I meant by “do something about it”


I can’t believe some people can’t drop a probing question from the beginning of the call, and bring it up every time you don’t do exactly what they want the way they want it. She ended up escalating because I was “Too stupid to understand the problem”. No, you’re too much of a scrambled egg to try to put your problem to words, or follow instructions.

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my company is total garbage lmao

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