my company is total garbage lmao

I’ve recently found out how 2 different call types are routed.


collections makes an outbound call to the customer to let them know they owe several hundred dollars.

cx. no i don’t owe that i never signed a contract.

then when collections starts getting cussed out they transfer the call to billing or tech support and we have no choice but to give it back to collections.


a customer opens several accounts so they can accumulate reward cards fraudulently.

then, the outsourced rewards agent gets cussed out when they tell the customer they don’t qualify for any cards.

and then they cold transfer to another department.

this is what happens when you have such garbage policies and such underpaid staff.


this girl calls in today and out of the blue-

cx. ok i want to cancel – over a shipping delay i offered to fix.

me. alright your service is canceled.

cx. that means my other bill will increase right?

me. yeah that’s right.

cx. oh i thought it was supposed to be $ but ok. bye.

face palm to the maxxxx i wish i could post some juicier stuff but i can’t rn.

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‘I think you’ll find that you owe me money’

They really like to argue about every little thing, don’t they?