Thanks for triggering memories of a very sad call

A client called in to report a new claim. I asked what happened, and he said “someone decided to kill themself by running in front of my truck.”

I’ve been in auto claims long enough to guess he meant he hit a deer, and I was right.

What he didn’t know was that last month, I started a new claim from a soft-spoken client, who could barely tell me what happened. He and his wife were driving on a major highway around 1am, on a dark section with no place for a pedestrian to cross. They hit someone who was walking across the highway, and the pedestrian died. They were both traumatized by what happened. I flagged Accident Benefits for their injuries and their trauma, we provide therapists for that.

I had never taken a statement for a pedestrian death before, but I did it, and offered plenty of empathy for our client. I had to take some time off the phone and cuddle one of my cats.

No funny story from me this time. Just an FYI to not joke about suicide with an auto claims rep, we’ve all heard disturbing stories and have to look at accident scene photos. I had to cuddle another cat.

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