Insinuating Phonetic Spelling

So every afternoon I get calls on a daily basis which are fraudulent in nature. First thing I see the overlay (oh men these dudes again). Typical gift card refund scams. Sometimes if Im bored I play around the phonetic spelling..

Let me just confirm the spelling of your name, if it has the following letters, I make it:

F for Fraud

S for Scam

P for Prison

And other colorful phonetics I can think of.

Funny thing is once you tell me the charges your asking for a refund, I place the call on hold for like 10 seconds only to come back and tell you guys, nah, sorry, cant refund this, refer to our terms and conditions!

P.S. Not really complaining since you guys bring down our AHT a lot. If its evaluated too, its auto 100 right away so.. cant complain, plus taking a call like this brings me again to the bottom of the queue.

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I swear I don’t know why this charge is there.

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