I swear I don’t know why this charge is there.

Today is my first solo shift (after 5 days of mentoring) working remotely for a call center on behalf of a southern based wireless service provider. Had a customer call in. They wanted to ask about a charge on their account that they claim was not supposed to be there. Go through basic verification, check their account. They had just opened their account with us. They had said they had called in to get a new phone, that they didn’t qualify for the device they wanted, so they went in store and paid cash for another device. I can see on their account that there are 3 events, all charges. 2 charges at a store, 1 charge from the call center. Look over the charges, they seem to be standard charges. One of the charges is for a case. Another is a phone. And the other is a phone plus activation fees, plan fees and E911 fee. I try explaining that to them that the charges look standard, but I would check with one of our account specialists (L2) to be sure. Checked, they told me that everything is normal and theres nothing we can do. I tell the customer as much, that the charges from the call center are for activation fees and plan fees. They do not like that, and they ask if I can escalate it or if there’s someone they can speak to. they insist that there arent supposed to be any activation fees or anything, that it was supposed to be free. Thankfully, they aren’t upset with me. So I call up one of our L2s, give them the rundown. The L2 agrees, the charges are standard, but the customer might need to hear it from someone else, someone with “higher authority”. Before I can transfer the customer, they hang up. And from what I can tell, they called in later, not satisfied with the answer, and then disconnected when they still didn’t get the answer they wanted. But frankly, looking over that call center charge, it has their card info on it. Meaning they gave the rep that info. So that charge was supposed to be there.

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I hate call center work so much.

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