Idiot Customers

I work for a company that does medical billing for multiple hospitals and physicians throughout the US, and I can literally write a book of many conversations I’ve had with a**hole customers but I will share my 2 most recent, meaning yesterday and today.

M: me
C: customer

Yesterday’s call.
M: thank you for calling *dept name* my name is *my name*, Am I speaking to a patient today?
C: yeah hi my name is *customer name* I’ve already spoken to a previous rep, I’m having an issue with my bill my issue is bla bla bla yada yada (kept going for 3 mins without pausing) *ABRUPTLY AND OUT OF NOWHERE* aren’t you going to ask my name, DOB, address?? How are you supposed to be looking into my account if you don’t ask me for my info??
M: ma’am you were speaking the whole time, I was not going to interrupt you, I was going to wait until you were done speaking so I could look your account up, can I have your account number please?
C: oh yeah here’s my acct #

…. sometimes I wonder WHAT THE F is wrong with people? I don’t let patients get arrogant and rude, I will not disrespect them at all, but I would kinda loose my friendly tone and explain things they way they are.

Today’s call.
M: thank you for calling *dept name* my name is *my name*, Am I speaking to a patient today?
C: my name is John Doe my dob is 1/2/3456
M: thank you do you have an account number?
C: *gives me an account number from a totally different department*
M: okay sir it seems like that account number is not coming up, let me look for your account with your info instead
-unluckily for me he ALSO had an acct for us-
M: I do see you have a balance of $17 with us, is that the bill you’re calling about?
C: no that’s not it, where are you guys located at?
M: we are located at *mentioned the state we are in, of course in the US, but customer was calling from a diff state not close at all*
C: so you guys are not even on my state? *he then started speaking with a person that was with him* these people are located in a diff state I’m sure they don’t even know what they’re doing *they started laughing and saying rhetorical shit*
– I know he didn’t get personal, but his sarcastic and ironic tone got my blood running through my veins as boiling water in a kettle-
I then asked him what was the number in his bill, when he gave it to me it was not even our phone number, it was the actual dept he was supposed to be calling, I don’t know how he got to us or why, but I really wanted to tell him he was a complete jerk and to fuck off, but oh well I need my job same as most of us here so I just had to come off the queue and calm down for a few mins.

Funny thing is I am Hispanic, born and raised in the US, BUT since my whole family speaks Spanish only, every once in a while my accent tries to come out a little bit and people ask where am I located and some other questions , but that’s a whole different story and category, hope you guys have a good one and hang on in there with these ridiculous customers lol

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