I hope you all get diarrhea.

So, today I had a customer tell me that he hopes every single employee of my company gets diarrhea “for an entire month”.

All of us. No exceptions.

Our collective crime?

He wanted to watch a specific tv show, but when he tuned to that channel, Conan O’Brien was on instead.

And he fucking HATES Conan O’Brien, you guys.

Like why tf would this tv network choose to show Conan O’Brien instead of something with punching things and explosions?

I don’t know to be honest. I am but a simple inbound technical support representative for a large US based ISP/Cable/Phone provider.

If the curse stands true, we will all potentially die of dysentery within the next 30 days, and have Conan O’Brien to thank for our fate.

I just thought you should know.

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The customer put me on hold…

"Now you are gonna do your job and cover this claim or you are gonna LOSE BIG" – Karen (who was that day’s biggest loser)