I couldn’t help her.

So less a rant and more a just moment I feel like I am helpless to people who are truly good people. I work in car insurance.

Cast: Me = me Policyholder = MSPH

Me: Thank you for calling Insurance Agency, this is Me. Am I speaking with MSPH?

MSPH: Hi sweetheart. I have a really bad situation, can you help me?

Me: I’m going to do my best.

MSPH: jumps into horrible story of sibling, parent, child loss. Job loss. Identity theft. Has never held a job bc she has a non profit. Female welder. Volunteers putting kids in monster trucks that she works in.

Me: end of the day napping wow! That is really incredible.

MSPH: yes, but now I have cancer and have a stay at home order due to Covid.

Me: so these are our options. You are on a cancellation notice and at the end of our 2 week grace period. If you do not pay by tonight we can not extend anymore. It’s $65 what can we do to pay this? Friends? Family?

MSPH: Sweetie, thank you so much for thinking of me but I’ve begged on my knees for help here. I have no one any more. If there’s nothing else you can do I understand. I wish I could adopt you. You are so caring and sweet. I bet your parents are so proud of you.

Me: holding back tears of daddy issues Youre so welcome MSPH. I wish there was more I could do for you.

MSPH: you did everything you could. I will come back to your company and pay everything back when I can start making regular payments again.

sign off and hang up

Guys, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t help her. I went out on my lunch break and bought a visa gift card, paid her bill on my personal laptop in incognito, and called her back.

Me: Hi. MSPH, I am so glad I caught you. I just wanted to let you know your Insurance Co bill is no longer going to cancel and you will be good for another month.

MSPH: OH! When will Insurance Co ask me to pay it back?

Me: I’m seeing your policy was paid for by an anonymous donor. There will be no amount to pay back to Insurance Co.

MSPH: crying bless this world we live in. If the donor calls in thank them for me.

Me: will do. Now let’s get this bill down for the future.

I managed to miraculously pull a rate of $5/mo out of my ass. It required a lot of paperwork with her state that she will need to do and she won’t be able to drive her car at all until she puts coverages back on but she won’t get her license suspended in her state for a lapse of coverage. (When the insurance is canceled in her state and she still have the license plates, her license gets suspended and she gets fined)

I know I shouldn’t have gone so far but I couldn’t let this woman down and she was never once entitled or rude. She was a sweet angel who took responsibility for her own insurance and was going to come back when she could.

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