My last day working call centers is today!!!!!!!

I’ve been in tech support via a call centers for 9 years now and today is my last shift! I’ve been at my current company for 5 years, prior to that I was Music/Software/Media/Kindle support at Amazon. My last day being today brought back a fond memory of my last day at Amazon.

This customer had been calling in about software they bought thru Amazon and was having issues on how to use it on their computer. Dozens and dozens of calls to us, several Lead escalations and constantly being told to call the software company, but she never listens. I’ll call her Nancy.

Me: Amazon intro spiel

Nancy: I can’t get abc software to work on my computer.

Me: What did abc company say when you called them?

Nancy: I haven’t called them.

Me: Why not?

Nancy: (ignores my question) How are you going to help me with this or are you finally going to refund?

Me: (already having read all notes, emails, escalations to see it’s not something refundable, not an issue with compatibility, but either a user error or she regretted it and was trying to play us for a refund) Nancy, we’ve been thru this with you at least 20 times. This is not an Amazon issue, we didn’t make this software and only the abc software developers can help you with how to use it. I see we emailed and told you their contact information at least a dozen times, too.

Nancy: I don’t want to call them.

Me: I don’t care if you want to or not. That is your option, this isn’t an Amazon product, we aren’t trained on how it works and we will not be helping you with this anymore.

Nancy: (oddly still calm and sounding very sweet). It won’t work, they won’t help me.

Me; (Knowing full and well from experience and the abc software website they do help) You just told me you had not contacted them. You just need to call them like you have called us multiple times a day for the last several days. If you just call them instead you’d be properly helped by now.

Nancy: I want to talk to your superior right now. (still calm and sounding very sweet)

Me: No. Nancy that will do nothing for you. You have talked to them at least 5 times and have been told the same thing by them. They also emailed you saying we cannot help, you must call the software developer. I am not going to waste their time when we have given you the right solution.

Nancy: Get them to me now. (now she was actually sounding angry).

Me: Nancy, stop wasting our time. Stop wasting my time. Stop wasting my coworkers time. I don’t know why you are being so difficult. Listen to me carefully THIS…IS….NOT…AN….AMAZON…ISSUE. Do you understand that?

Nancy: Yes. (Back to her calm self)

Me: OK then. Call abc software for help now.

Nancy: But I want Amazon to help me, are you sure I cannot talk to someone else?

Me: (bangs head on desk) No, Nancy. We are done. I’ve left final notes and we will not answer your calls about this anymore. (total lie, but maybe it would work) Do you understand this?

Nancy: Yes.

Me: Good. Now go call the software company like we told you to. (and I hung up)

I wish I knew if she actually listened to me or not. It felt cathartic to do this.

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