“i admit i messed up, but i’m going to blast you on social media anyway”

I work at a security company that leases home security equipment to customers who get monitoring from us, cx is the customer, me is me

cx: can you tell me why i’m being billed twice

me: looks like you’re paying for your monthly monitoring and your loan for equipment

cx: no, that equipment is from my previous system, i never got any new equipment

me: checks records and contracts yes, some of your equipment was existing but you did get some other pieces of equipment, which are being financed

cx: that’s not right, no one told me that! this is a SCAM

me: sir, i have copies of both agreements you signed agreeing to the charges, as well as a recording of your call stating your approval, do you need me to pull those up for you

cx: getting increasingly frustrated no, he never told me that! you fabricated those documents, i want to cancel

me: i can assure you that’s not the case, i can send you the copies of your contact so you can see on your end

cx: whatever! i send him the documents and he looks them over

oh, i guess i do remember that. well, it was two years ago! how was i supposed to remember back that far? i’m going to call the BBB and blast you guys all over the internet!”

hangs up

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I already hate this lol

“Just credit me what I owe in collections so I can open another account!”