“Just credit me what I owe in collections so I can open another account!”

She really thought someone would!! (I work for a cable / internet provider that will remain nameless)

I did some extremely light digging and she had racked up a huge bill then open an account in her daughters name (years ago) before that they did it with the husbands name… (this stuff works til it doesn’t- as of now the location is locked from getting service)

well now her daughters account owes even more than the mothers account in collections did… so she wants to do it again lol.

I explain we don’t pay people back for service they never paid for in the first place. she actually even asked why. Lmaoooo guys what in the world

So then asked if they wanted to work out a payment plan on the daughters account before or after she pays off hers. She told me she is not going to pay the debt, or her daughters account, or the husbands, and we were going to turn the services back on.

If Morgan Freeman did a voiceover this would be where he says “they did not turn it back on.”

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