Customer wants to speak with the CEO

I worked tech/account support at a large fintech company a couple years ago. You needed to be an active customer to call the support line (there was a code), but there was a sales line that people would sometimes find. I was in a small group that took the redirected support calls. It was a mix of people who were new and had questions, people who lost their code, and people who were banned for fraud and were not allowed to call in or have an account. This is paraphrased to what I can remember.

Customer: Hello, I can’t access my account or money, what’s going on?

Me: Let me take a look at that for you, what’s your name?

(He gives me some account info and I locate his profile. As suspected, he has been terminated. Policy now is to inform him and exit the call as soon as I’m able. )

Me: thank you for waiting, I’ve found your account. It appears your account has been terminated, please refer to your email for more information.

C: what email?? I never got an email?? What did I do wrong?

(I’m not allowed to say the reason for termination, since I’m not in charge of those decisions and we don’t want to help fraudsters gain info on how to avoid being caught, but looking at his account it was pretty clear it was money laundering. )

M: I am not able to see the reason for termination, as that is handled by our account services team. It looks like you received the email this morning, but I can have them send it to you again.

C: What does it say?

M: (reads email. It’s vague and mentions violation of terms of services).

C: That’s ridiculous! Set up a new account for me.

M: You are welcome to try, but as the accounts are tied to your SSN, new accounts will also get banned.

C: This is crazy! I have a ton of money in there! You won’t give me my money! For no reason!

M: your email states the time frame your money will be deposited to you. Have a nice day s-

C: I wanna talk to your manager!

M: I am unable to transfer you to a manager.

C: yes you will!

M: My supervisor has the same information I do. They will not be able to change anything.

C: Then I wanna talk to that account team!

M: They do not speak to customers, and they don’t have a phone line I can transfer you too.

C: What?! What kind of company doesn’t let you talk to them? There’s no way you can transfer me? Can’t you just walk over and talk to them.

(I absolutely can, or slack the guy that froze him, but I won’t.)

M: We don’t have an internal phone line. I have no way of transferring you, and it is against policy. Please refer to your email.

C: then I wanna talk to your boss!

M: as I said, the supervisor –

C: No! I wanna talk to CEO’s Name!

M: …Sir, as I said, there is no internal phone line.

C: I’m sure he has a phone number.

M: I do not have access to his personal contact information, nor does my supervisor, and I imagine her supervisor as well.

C: I bet it’s online somewhere. What’s his email?

(Everyone at the company’s email is It wouldn’t be hard to figure out, although, I’ve never personally emailed the freaking CEO )

M: I am not going to disclose that. You are welcome to do your own research online.

C: I own a business and I would never treat my customers this way!! I am always available to speak to my customers about anything! This is not the way to run a business.

M: I understand sir, have a great day.

I hang up.

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