You want a refund for a complimentary paper?

I am a customer service rep for a well known paper involving the stock market and other news. I had a call from a guy today that want to resume his weekend paper that he was receiving. I looked into his account and saw he only had digital access to his paper and the weekend paper was free for a year and had ended in May.

Me: I do apologize, sir. The weekend paper was complimentary and only valid for one year. I would be happy to start a weekend subscription that would only be an extra $2 a month on your already existing digital.

C: Can you know just extend it further for another free year? I did not even receive the paper every weekend and want to be compensated for that.

Me: I will not be able to do that, sir. This was free only for the year. We also would onoy be able to credit missed issues only a month back and thus subscription ended 2 months ago.

C: Uh, can I speak with your supervisor so they can give it to me then?

Me: My supervisor is not available at this time, sir. She would not be able to continue this subscription either since it is both expired and unpaid for…

C: Well I want this to be resolved and it appears you cannot do that, so what else can we do?

ME: I can submit for you to receive a call back since she is not available at this time.

C: See to it that she does that! hangs up

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