Today I realised just how little call centres care

So my call centre is part of a larger company, which is centred around positive experiences and atmospheres. Today I learned just how much crap that is, at least for our side of the company.

I started this job almost 3 years ago now. About six months into the job, I was hospitalised for what was initially believed to be something really serious. It turned out to be something less serious, although still bad and related to stress. I was told to take it easier, and that if it were to happen again that could be a serious concern.

Work kept me on easy duties for a couple of months, and at the time I really thought they cared.

Now… it should be noted that new management has come in in the last 6 months.

Basically, I’ve started feeling the same way I did then. Tearful, stressed a lot, shaky and out of control, gradually getting worse. Back then it built and built. I explained this to one of my supervisors, who then reported my concerns to a manager.

My manager said this morning that we all need to be pulling our weight and he doesn’t think I’m strongest in a position off the phones.

So how quick I am is more important than my health? Good to know.

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