"I know what I have with my plan!" No… no you don’t.

Used to work in a call center for a telco in Canada. This was a common problem.

Me: Thanks for calling, this is [me]. How can I help?

Stupid customer: I’m getting charges on my bill for long distance. I never called anyone long distance! I have unlimited Canada minutes on my plan, and you need to get this fixed!

Me: verifies account, checks rate plan and charges, facepalms

Me: You’re right, you do have unlimited Canada minutes as part of your rate plan… but you don’t have unlimited US calling. Those charges are for calling the US. gives them the number they called, the location where the cell tower pinged, how many times they called, and how many times the same number called them

SC: Oh, well I’ve been a customer for 20 years with you! Can you waive the charges?

I never actually waived charges like these because a.) you get SMS notifications about these types of stuff. Didn’t read? Too bad. & b.) our policy is strict with crediting any charges for stuff that are US or international. I gave people discounts if they were nice tho.

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