I do not have authorization to retrieve that information. (M)

I work for a company that employs us by a very popular newspaper mainly involving the stock market and such to be customer service reps. I believe the title is something I say a lot to the annoyed customers. Mostly they are asking for the contact information for their local carriers. One of the convos I had with a customer went like this. (C – customer)

C: The carrier is very incompetent and not doing his job. What is his information so I can speak with him directly?

Me: I do apologize, sir, for the inconvenience. I can credit this missed issues here to extend your subscription term. I do not have the authorization to that information and will not be able to provide it to you.

C: I am the customer and I want that information! You work for XXX!! You should take the initiative to get that information! I’m not going to be hateful towards the guys, I just want to inform him that he is not doing his job.

Me: Sir, I do not have the authorization to get that information.

C: You should go above your superiors heads to get me that information! A company likes when workers take initiative to please their customers! You would not get in trouble!

Me: Sir, there is not possible way for me to get that information for you. Our delivery messages go directly to our distribution team and they notify the carriers of the issue. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

C angrily hangs up

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