Your Bank Is Your Problem, Not Mine

I work for a grocery chain in the US. I deal with online orders that go wrong; delivery not made, items missing, overcharging, etc.

Couple of highlights from yesterday: Caller had a delivery go missing. Not uncommon. The delivery people are usually dropping off 2 or 3 purchases at once. Things get dropped at the wrong house and now your order is gone.

I apologized to the caller and went about explaining how we could refund them. The caller was … unhappy … with my solution and demanded that we deliver her order. It had medicine in it. Medicine they needed.

I apologized again and advised that all I could do was refund and then she could place the order again.

The customer realized that their verbal charms wouldn’t work, so they changed tactics. If you guessed vague threats, pat yourself on the back.

The customer wanted the money returned right now. I had informed the customer that refunds can take 7-10 business days to show on the card. When a vague threats of “you’ll be sorry” came wafting from their lips, I lost all compassion I had.

I responded “Unfortunately [customer], it is now after 5 PM in most of the country. Even if we push the refund through, the earliest your bank would see it is tomorrow morning and it could still take 7-10 days for it to clear back to your account.”

And with a resigned sigh in my ear, I realized I had broken a Karen.

We won the day.

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