The woman who thought she was hacked on Facebook

Hello! First time poster here. I have a funny story that literally happened today.

I work in a department that primarily deals with fraud. Woman calls, she’s a bit older, and nice for the most part. She’s one of those people that interrupts me every time I talk, but I’m used to it so whatever.

I’m trying to ask the questions I need to in order to report the fraud. Every time I think I have an opening to talk she butts in. While doing this, she mentions she was hacked on Facebook and is really upset that all of this is happening to her.

I tried to empathize with her and she goes on to say that someone changed her logo (?) and starting posting GoFundMe’s.

So what I gathered from all of her venting is this lady is super against the BLM movement and she’s very “All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter”. Someone hacked her Facebook to post GoFundMe’s and petitions pertaining to the movement. I was trying so hard not to laugh the whole time she’s explaining this.

Oh and the logo thing? She thought someone hacked her Facebook to show the BLM movement hand up in solidarity logo instead of the normal Facebook logo hahaha.

Some people.

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