This is the first time my job made me cry with a good policy change!

I have been in Over The Phone Customer Service for 10+ years. Literally everything from phone sex to credit cards where I am now. I have a voice for every type of caller!

So currently, I have been with my wonderful center for going on 4+ years. I’ve been in 4 different projects so it’s like a new job is waiting if I get bored. I started in medically related projects, like mail order scripts, but that made me way to emotional. So now I’m in Credit Cards or Money.

As you can imagine, credit cards are much easier. I am the Rewards dept of a major credit card and I love it!!!! I have a small niche here in managing your money. Credit cards are voluntary and I cry alot less over here.

Well, I have learned that statements are bills and bills are math and math is Mental Abuse To Humans. People don’t like math but sorry the computer doesn’t like, it just makes mistakes. That CAN BE FIXED!! geez calm down about your late fee Karen!!

I occasionally get a cardholder that wants Disputes handled instantly by magic or cannot understand that interest is daily when you don’t pay your full New Balance by the due date. Normal stuff. But the explosions over simple concepts are truly awe inspiring in their magnitude and derisive slurs. And I had to just take it.

No more!!!! After many complaints to the higher ups some calls were listened to and the Abusive Caller Task was updated. We are no longer expected to even be exposed to that language and the abuser gets a letter immediately. We are allowed to warn, then disconnect if it continues. We are allowed to gather ourselves after the call and even demeaning language counts. FINALLY I’m not scared to log in anymore.

I am SMI and don’t handle being yelled at well. Especially for avoidable stupidity. If you need help or even just wanna lie to me for help I have to accept it. But stop saying this isn’t a real job. I pay my own bills and this job pays those bills, it’s as real as it gets. Thanks Boss.

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