The repo man is here!

A call I had from my former job in collections for a U.S. auto finance company…

*Customer calls in*

Customer: “I need to pay my car note NOW.”

Me: *Reviews account* “Sir, I’m showing your vehicle is out for repossession. Before I can accept any payment, I do have to ask one question. Do you still have possession of the vehicle?”

Customer: “Yeah the repo guy is here I just need to make a payment.”

Me: “Sir, I cannot accept any payment if there is a repossession agent present. You have to surrender the vehicle and wait for us to update the account. Then you have to speak with our reinstatements department.”

Customer: “That’s not fair, I HAD an arrangement the repo man should not even be here.”

Me: “Sir we have sent you multiple notices by mail and email. We called you several times a day about your vehicle. The last call you answered and hung up on us. And you broke the last arrangement you set with the previous representative.”

Customer: “I told the rep last week I would pay my account in full.”

Me: “Sir, there are no notes on your account to support that. The last time we spoke with you was a month ago.”

Customer: “I have been a customer for ____ years and I cannot believe you PEOPLE would just steal someone’s property!”

Me: “Sir, unfortunately you are required to surrender the vehicle. I’m unable to take any payment if there is a repossession agent present.”

Customer: “Whatever, I’m calling the attorney general. Wait until he hears how you scammers are stealing peoples property.”


I called the repo agency afterwards to followup on the account and they laughed as soon as I said his name. After the call, the customer had apparently tried to convince the repo guy that he had the wrong house.

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