(M)Apparently I’m violating california law by not giving her a discount.

So this literally just happened and I feel the need to vent about it. Occasional lurker, first time poster I think, writing on a very cracked phone, so please forgive any faux pas.

So I do inbound sales/some customer service for a couple companies that sell outdoorsy camping and rv and hunting equipment, that kinda stuff. Currently working from home and honestly hope I never have to go back, I get to work 10 feet from my boyfriend and not spend 40 bucks a day in ubers.

Anyway, tonights a kinda slow night, but I’ve gotten a good handful of sales so I’m not stressing about my numbers. And in calls this woman who will be referred to as Karen, because she never actually told me her name and thats the label my mind always goes to.

Me: Hi thanks for calling Outdoors Supplies Co, this is BleepBlorp, how can I help you tonight?

Karen: Hey, yeah, I’m looking at a receipt for a ventilator for my RV that I purchased from you guys last year. I need another one, I was trying to see if it’s still available.

Me: Sure! I can try to help with that, do you have any kind of item number for it?

Karen: Yes I do it’s 12345

Me: Perfect, let me take a look here /pulls up product on our website/ Yes ma’am, I do show that product still listed on the website at $350 and unfortunately it looks like it is backordered. We could order it for you, but it wouldn’t ship out for at least 3-4 weeks.

Karen:/gasps/ wha- That’s like $80 dollars more than I paid for it last year! I dont mind the backorder as much as I mind being able to afford the thing.

Me: Yes ma’am, unfortunately our prices do shift around a little based on current sales and whatnot. We do have a policy for matching older prices, but we can’t match any of our old prices beyond two weeks ago, unless you have any kind of coupon.

Karen: Huh. I do have a 10% code, but even that wouldnt get it low enough. Tell you what, I found it on for $320, can you match that price and then apply my 10% onto that?

Me, starting to groan inside at this point: Unfortunately not, our price matching policy is admittedly a little silly. We can price match competitiors, but not exclusively online prices, you’d have had to see it on a shelf for the price youd like to match and snap a picture of it. I know it’s weird but it is policy that my bosses come back at me about if I break. And even if I did I absolutely could not apply another coupon on top of that, its another policy that we can only apply one discount per order. I could definitely place the order for you with that coupon, but not like that.

Karen: Ugh. BleepBlorp, sir, I gotta tell ya, I call into you guys and order a lot, I have a membership with you, I have your guys’ dumb credit card, and you are the least accomidating representative I have ever worked with. Everyone else who ever answers is always nice and friendly and just places the order, and you’re just coming back at me with a lot of No’s and Rules I’ve never heard before. You dont seem very motivated, you just want to charge me whatever you want to charge me for it. I’m pretty sure youre violating California Law by not offering me a matched price…

So on and so forth for a good couple minutes until she works up to the magic words “I’d like to talk to a manager”. Love that phrase, that means I can stop talking to that person. I put her on hold and punch in the extension that connects me to a free supervisor, and lets say the one named Alice answers

Alice: Thanks for calling Outdoors Supplies Co, this is Alice, how can I help?

Me:Hiya Alice, BleepBlorp in Sales, how ya holding up?

Alice: Oh not too bad, you’re lucky, I was just about to clock out. Whats up?

Me: Well I hate to say it but I have a Supe Call for you.

Alice:Joy, whats the problem?

Me: This lady just called in about item 12345, she hasnt placed the order yet, I told her I’d be happy to do so for her, but she only wants it if I can knock off 30$ to price match some other company and then take another 10% off for a coupon.

Alice: Oh we definitely can’t do all of that, MAYBE one of those, but not both.

Me: that’s what I was telling her, but apparently I’m the least accomidating Representative she’s ever spoken too, and I personally am violating some California Law in this conversation, and she’d like a manager about the situation.

Alice: Where did California come from, isn’t Sales based in Colorado?

Me: Yes we are ma’am

Alice: I see. Alright send her over

Me: Thanks /click/

And then she was gone, as suddenly as she came, off to be told the same thing I just said by one of my bosses. Certainly not a wild tale for this sub, but I already had a headache that threatened to get worse if I didn’t vent somewhere. Entitled customers, we all deal with all the time, but it isn’t as often they start coming after me personally like that, guess it got under my skin more than normal

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