Is my advice ok?

I work for a tv provider as tech support.

Ed: me. Cx: customer

Ed: thank you for choosing tv provider, with whom do I have the pleasure and how can I assist you?

Cx hello, is my service working?

Usually you call tech support because you have a problem, but this cx was asking if she had a problem

Me: confused yes ma’am it looks like everything looks ok on your account do you have any issues with the receiver?

Cx:no do I have any issues on the equipment, is it working fine?

Me: uhm, yes everything looks fine do you have a blacks screen, an error message or something else by any chance?

Cx: no, is everything ok, is it working?

Me uhm, yes it is.

Cx: oh ok thank you so much for your time


Call ended

Edit: I meant service instead of advice on the title

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