Paying customer wants to talk to sales about a support problem

Hey all, first post. One of my more tame stories but this just happened today so it’s fresh in my mind. I’m on mobile if the formatting looks weird.

Me: Usual greeting

Customer: Hello I’d like to talk to someone in sales.

Me: Okay, is there anyone in particular you’re looking for? (I ask this because his account was up in front of me and sales’ job is to sell accounts, therefore unless he wanted to talk to someone specific for a certain reason, they could not help him)

Customer: Someone smart

Me: Okay fake laugh what is the reason for your call today?

Customer: You guys have a CRM that I have some questions about

Me: Alright, what’s the CRM called (we have a lot of products, I rarely take calls relating CRMs and I’ve never taken a call about “our CRM” so I want something to put into our system so I can get information on it for the guy)

Customer: It’s your CRM

Me: …ok, what’s it called?

Customer: (Company name) CRM

Me: Huh, one moment let me take a look at my information here

Customer: So you’re not the guy huh?

I ignore this comment because I’ve already told him what I’m doing and he thinks he’s being clever and calling me not smart

Customer: Is there anyone else I can talk to?

Me: What do you mean?

I’m clarifying if he wants another department which would not help because support is the most relevant department or if he just wants another support agent. I can put him back in queue but he’s being vague and unhelpful in his request so I don’t wanna dump him on someone else unless he specifically requests it. I am also just checked out of this conversation already.

Customer: I’m gonna call back

Me: Ok Hang up

I’m at the point where if you want something specific but are as far from specific as possible when requesting information, I am not going to play along. If he waited 2 seconds I would have been able to pull up any relevant info from our knowledge base but if he prefers to waste his time in queue I’m not gonna stop him.

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