If you could stop calling from the device that’s not working to show me its not working, that would be nice!

Gooosh, I need to let out some steam today. I work for an internet provider at the tech support Hotline and there are this one type of special customer, who use the troubled connection to call us on purpose, to show me the problem.

Like duh, now I can hear, that there is a loud background noice while you are calling, but yeah, I can’t hear you and you can’t hear me, don’t you think, it is kind of problematic? Like if we can’t talk? How am I supposed to tell you the solution to your problem? Ofc there is no other phone number to call back to. Congratulation, you waited 40 min to come to me, for absolutely nothing. Smart thinking there. Ofc those customers will give you a bad review, wich my teamleader will then use to blame me. And if I try to explain what happened, it is answered with: you just have to communicate to the costumer, that this is not your fault.

How I am supposed to do it, while he can’t hear me, is up to me. Sometimes it feels that customer AND the company are teaming up against us. ~~

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