First Call of the Day

Context: I work for a international company that deliveres flower arrangements. I punched in and got this call immediately.

M = me C = caller

M: Good morning, thank you for calling XYZ Flower Company, how can I help you?

C: Funeral arrangements.

M: Of course, I’m sorry for your loss. Can you please give me more information?

C: It’s at Funeral Home in (mumble town name).

M: ok, do you happen to have the postal code for that area [required to view available products]

C: scoffs No, shouldn’t you have that?

M: I do not. Please give me a moment to pull it up. searches for aprox. 30 seconds for the funeral home but can’t find it in the town/state caller mumbled

M: can you please confirm the name of the town this funeral home is in?


M: cool cool cool. Great start to the day.

TL;DR – customer called me an idiot because I didn’t magically have the information they needed to place an order.

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