Why do customers always feel entitled to everything?

I usually get ticked off by customers over the phone always saying “I’ve been with you guys for xx years I should get a free something or a discount. Like why?? We didn’t ask you to stay with us for a long time. Then when I say that we do not have any promos or discounts like that they get furious and threats to move to a competitor, so what? Stupid ass customers. If you would run a business and some asshole asks something for free because he has been with you for a long time would you give it to him/her? Thats bad business bro.

But it cant be helped the call center that I work for stresses over customer surveys so its very hard to hold your anger if you get an asshole customer like this. What are your rebuttals for these kinds of concerns? Any tips? What about things that pisses you off during a call with a bullshit customer? And how do you fuck them up a nice way?

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  1. “I would be happy to give you a free account analysis and see if there is another package that would suit your financial goals. Can you tell me what price point you are looking for and we can work together to balance your service and price?”

    Customer: “Blah blah blah no…blah blah blah no.”

    Recap what you have done on the call and then say. “I appreciate you speaking with me today, we couldn’t find a lower price point or promotions you are eligible for at this time, but rest assured your services will continue at the current rate. Is there anything else on the account you would like to discuss before the end of this call?”

  2. I get plenty of these “customers “. No promos no discounts?
    My response- “we definitely appreciate your tenure, my apologies I couldn’t find anything to suit your needs. We’d definitely hate to see you go… but we’ll be right here if you decide to come back “

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