THE NU MBERS ARE NEVER WRONG!….Well not my numbers.

I posted yesterday about my fun call with a *very* nice lady who told me to go fuck myself, well today I spoke with a fun gentleman who advised me that HIS math is never wrong!

Let’s go ahead and begin, he got upset because he felt like he got charged more than he should have for his withdrawal. He went over the amount that he can take out for free, so we charged him. After explaining it to him for about 10 minutes of how our computer does the calculations for us and that it’s pretty damn accurate. Even did the calculation myself, and I had it correct too.

He proceeded to yell at me telling me the last representative he spoke with should be fired as she gave him incorrect information, I responded with a very hearty no, telling him people can make mistakes. We’re only human, no one’s perfect. He proceeded to tell me he’s perfect and the numbers and his math are NEVER wrong.

I chuckled, advised him if the numbers are never wrong, then that means ours are never wrong. The math is never wrong, right?

He huffed and told me no no no, HIS math is never wrong. Uh oh, we’re speaking to a genius here.

I advised him that I would put aside his math calculations and actually consider that, for once, he was wrong about something. He didn’t like that one bit. He kept screaming at me, telling me he wants my name, his father is the CEO of a company and he can get me fired. Yeah, okay dude, I’m not giving you my name and this call is recorded. He was going to write in a complaint to the company to get the two “idiots who work in your call center fired.”

I told him where he can send it to, and if he’s done screaming and cussing at me so I can see if I can help him anymore. He kept interrupting me with that sort of mocking tone of voice, you know the one. Looking at the clock, it was almost 20 minutes past my time to clock out for the day. I advised him if he interrupts me one more time, I will disconnect the call and he would have to wait til tomorrow to complain to someone else about his problems. He interrupted me before I could finish my sentence, gave him a hearty goodbye and hung up the call to him screaming obscenities at me.

I get that people are having problems here during this Pandemic, but come on now.

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