Who is the incompetent one

Usually I’m very polite with the customer, but sometimes I get annoyed if the customer insults me (us) when it’s not even our fault.

So, the customer made an order for a product. In this order he didn’t put his full address (no street number) and didn’t even put his phone number. Of course he receives a mail for the order details so he can check them there, even if he didn’t fill in all the details by mistake. The phone call was something like that:

Customer: Yes, hello?

Me: (Shop’s name), good morning, how can I help you?

Customer: I’ve made an order on your website and the order didn’t come, it’s two days late and you’re a fake shop and you lie to the clients and don’t deliver anything!

Me: Oookaay, let me check. Can you give me the invoice number or your mail address so I can track your shipment?

…The customer gave them to me and after some searching managed to find that his order is on a courier depot, and they have problem with the delivery…

Me: okay, sir, I see the product is on a depot and the couriers can deliver it today or tomorrow. It seems to be a problem with the delivery, the address is not full.

Customer: No, you’re lying, you’re a fake shop and you are lying.

Me: I see in the system that you didn’t provide your full address, that’s why the product is not yet delivered.

Customer: You are incompetent and your company is incompetent!!!

Me: Sir you made the order yourself, right? In this order, that you yourself made, you didn’t put your correct full address and on the top of that you didn’t put your phone number for the couriers to be able to contact you for the delivery. And you’re saying that WE are the incompetent ones?

Customer: ….well… I’m sorry…. But I want this product. Please, tell the couriers to make the delivery. Thank you….

Me: Can I get your full address and do you want them to contact you on the number you’re calling from?

…. Happy end….

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THE NU MBERS ARE NEVER WRONG!….Well not my numbers.

Some customers just literally want to be mad and stay mad