*Police officer flirts with me while arresting my customer*

This will probably be burried cause everyone else has so many cool stories but here it goes.

I work at a car insurance call center and we usually get calls from police officers that stopped some of our customers while they were driving and need to verify if their insurance is still valid. No problem right? In this types of cases I try to be as neutral as possible, not favoring our customer nor the police officer.

FPO = Flirty Police Officer

C= Customer

Me: me obviously.

Now, something that y´all should know, I have LOTS of customers who think I´m a girl cause my voice is super soft and nice, I´m NOT. I just don´t like to correct customers anymore about my gender cause honestly it happens so much that at this point that I don´t care.

Me: Hello thanks for calling ***** how may I help you?

FPO: Yeah, hey sweetie. This is officer **** speaking I need to verify one of your customers policy ID card

Me: No problem officer, just to verify that you are indeed an officer could you provide me with your badge number and precinct?

FPO: Confirms info

Me: Alright, thank you so much. Now could you provide me with the customer´s ID Number?

FPO: 1954954321

Me: Thank you, now hold in the line while I verify the policy status

FPO: No problem beautiful, I can wait.

Customer: Everything ok?

FPO: I´m checking that with the nice lady, so shut up!

While the officer was on hold I was reviewing the account and surprise surprise! Customer hasn´t paid his policy in 3 months so the officer had all the right to arrest him. So I went back on the phone line with the officer to give him the good news (in my experience police officers are usually happy that they get to arrest someone I don´t know why tbh)

Me: Thank you so much for waiting with me on the line.

FPO: Happy to wait, now give me the good news baby.

Me: (what´s wrong with this dude I swear…) Sure thing. Unfortunately customer hasn´t paid his insurance in 3 months so the policy got cancelled.

FPO: Nice! Thanks beautiful! I knew you were good since I heard your voice, smoking hot all the way

Me: (whut.) That´s nice to hear sir, is there anything else I can help you with?

FPO: Yeah, you can help me by telling me when you get off from work, I would love to take such a nice lady to dinner.

Me: (…..) I´m afraid that would be impossible sir, as telling you my work schedule is prohibited by our security measurements

FPO: In that case could I get your name? I would love to call back here to check if you are still here and chat.

As site rules, if a customer asks for my name I´m obligated to tell him at least my first name

Me: (oh boy) Sure thing sir. It´s kitzune_fox (totally a male name)

FPO: OH! so you´re a dude!

Me: totally embarrassed at this point I´m afraid so sir, anything else I can help you with?

FPO: Yeah! I still need your number! You sound hot, would love to have dinner with you!

Customer: So is everything alright? Am I good to go?

FPO: No you´re not good to go smartass, the policy has been cancelled for three months! Sorry sweetie, I have to get this guy to the precinct. Will make sure to call back and try to get your number haha!

Me: Alright then sir, thank you for calling **** and have a great day.

Call ends

TL;DR Police officer thought I was a girl, asks me out. Let him know I´m actually a guy, still doesn´t care.

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