I hate my job to the point where I have no energy after. How can I escape?

I moved to a new city because I wanted to start afresh. I’m a full-time student and unfortunately have to also be a full-time worker to support myself. I took the first job I could get, which unfortunately turned out to be a call centre for a big corporation who doesn’t care about their employees. I thought I could hack it but within 5 months, I have come to DESPISE it. I am desperate for an escape from my job. I would take anything. When the virus came about, my company had to be FORCED by the government and publicly shamed by the media to let its employees work from home, despite being non-essential.

Now that Lockdown is here, I feel more stuck than ever, draining my mental and physical health, replying to customers who don’t give a f*ck about me, moaning about stupid stuff so they can get their things for free.

I am so depressed and hate every aspect of the job because it severely affects my motivation to do any studying and overall affects my mental health. I hate stupid customers who keep phoning about ridiculous things that shouldn’t even be important when people are dying from this pandemic. I can’t STAND being timed for EVERY LITTLE THING I do in the job. Life is not meant to be timed and I feel myself pressured all day every day.

I need help and I need out of this job because I fear that one day I will be at the end of my tether and quit without any job standing by.

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  1. I’m so sorry that you are feeling this way! The best escape that I have found is ignoring the clock and doing what’s best for the few customers who act decently. For those entitled customer – take them one at a time and NEVER take it personally. Life is too short and their life is probably so terrible that they take us and dump all of their crap on us. I’ve learned to ignore the words they say – help them as much as You’re allowed – and if the caller was especially difficult I take a 5 second breather before answering the next call. Sounds short but we’re timed and it sucks!

    When all the quarantine is over and we can safely go back start looking for another job. You can even start to see if there are any online jobs you can do from home. Be safe. Breathe deep. You’re not alone!!

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*Police officer flirts with me while arresting my customer*

“I can’t believe you won’t help me! I guess [company] doesn’t care about its customers anymore. Sad!”