Last call of my last day; of course.

So I had a new job with a new career lined up for the day they announced shut down. Everything got put on hold so I went back to my old work after 3 weeks of quarantine. They knew it was going to be a short term gig, they were busy and didn’t have to train me and I got paid while waiting for my license for my new job; win win!

I was a phone agent for a pension company. Most are older callers and honestly, the boomers and Silent Generation are the best to call in. Today I spoke with an 84 year old man whose wife of 65 years had just passed a month ago and he broke down several times, I cried with him. These calls are the worst; I had 4 death repeats today.

My last call was a 34 year old dumb twat who was combative from the moment I answered the phone (@4:59) I tried explaining the simple task of what needs to happen to get his lump sum but he just wanted to share all his wrong interpretations. Told me I was wrong several times, didn’t want to listen at all. I gently corrected him several times with cheerfulness.

Little brat hung up on me as a thank you for the help. Last call of last day; perfect.

Good luck to you all, I’m happy to leave this chapter of customer service behind and delve into the world of insurance sales. Is there a subreddit for that?

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I wanted to say thank you!

“I feel like I’m gonna to have to go full Karen here“