“I can’t believe you won’t help me! I guess [company] doesn’t care about its customers anymore. Sad!”

Hello my friends! It has been a while since I posted. I needed to share how I spent ENTIRELY too much time with someone that would not let me help them.

To give some context, I work for a cable / internet provider helping existing customers lower their bill or repackage. With most offices closing and everyone being out of work my department is getting clobbered and we have long hold times.

I knew it would be a long call the way they started out. After my intro of my name and department they went for 6 minutes about the automated system. Couldn’t get any words in whatsoever so I just let them continue on. About just the automated system and how things used to be when they were growing up.

“Finally a live person! You know back in the 80s you could call and get a live person right away. I’ve been on the phone 45 minutes trying to get a human!” We have all heard it and different versions of it. That was 6 uninterrupted minutes. Also if you go that long our system will just hang up on you lol.

Finally got to the part where they slowed down a bit so I ask what they called for in the first place, as I am sure they did not navigate the system just to tell me about the system. They want to lower the bill. That’s my whole job and can help. He had the cherry new customer rare already for what he had but I can get a deal on downgrading. I let them know I can help reign in the service to fit their budget, just need to verify for security. But I see they never verified. And they hit fucking random buttons into the phone when I asked them to verify with me. They let me know they shouldn’t have to confirm or verify or whatever, repeating themselves and asking if I finished elementary school. that cost everyone on hold behind this 🤡 another 10 minutes.

It would be a shame if they got disconnected. But I am one of the good ones and don’t play that game. Even when the person is acting up lol. Because they have the very best rate (for what they have) I try to get them to tell me what they use and where we can scale back. Now at this point we are 20 minutes on the call and have made absolutely zero progress.

They told me they wouldn’t give up any bit of service and wanted exactly what they have. Ok. Literally a perfect score for my metrics. I let them know that is good to hear they have the right fit, and even the new customer rate to draw in new customers, but if they told me we could scale back we could work the bill down. “No just lower the bill to basic but keep the top service” legit I died and had my soul leave my body. My ghost is now typing this. I spent 25 minutes trying to make this man understand I will hook him up best rates we have, but he will be subscribed to that level of service that comes with the price tag. Easy enough to understand but for old man Jenkins it made their head spin off.

They ended with a anti-liberal pro-Trump anti-immigration speech, and capped it off with a “sad!”


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