¨A customer accused me of murder¨

I was in the middle of my shift when this FURIOUS customer called.

The reason of the call, was due to an increase on his car insurance policy. He didn´t provide us the full record of his violations, (in his defense he did report some violations he had in the past.) But honestly his record was a mess, he had so many at fault accidents, speeding tickets and even reports of trying to flee the crash site that even I was suprised that his policy was still valid. Many other insurance companies would reject him.

His previous bill was of 130 dollars. Now with the correct filled information the bill went up to 380 dollars, so I was trying very calmly explain the reason why his bill went up since he didn´t report all of his violations. From there the conversation got worse.

He explained to me (in the worst tone possible) that the reason he had all of those violations was because his father, an elderly man, had severe health issues and needed to be taken to the hospital reguralry for doctors appointments and he always took him rushing to the hospital. He also started to scream (not as in screaming words, as a LITERALLY making scream noises at me) and saying that thanks to his bill being so high now he won´t be able to pay it, so he won´t be able to drive around anymore and his dad won´t get the treatment he needed

Customer: So you´re basically saying that there´s nothing you can do to low my bill?!

Me: Sir, I already explained the reason of why I can´t do that, since you didn´t provide us the full information…

Customer: Do you think I can remember every single detail of those violations? I AM NOT A F*****G MACHINE!!!

Me: You can go to your local DMV and ask for your driver records sir, but in this case, the changes have alredy been applied to your account, I genuinely can´t do anything. I´m sorry

Customer: Do you realize that because of this I can´t take my father to the hospital?! HE WILL DIE! DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR CONSIENCE!

Me: Sir, I´m really sorry that you are having so many issues with your father´s health but I´m only trying to explain the reason of why I can´t do much in this situation.


At this point I´m just astonished at what this man is saying to me and how bad he´s reacting to the case, I tried to get any kind of support from my superiors and try to get him any type of discount to his account but since he had so many violations he wasn´t suitable for any. After I got back to him with bad news about not able to get any discounts for him, he demanded a manager.

Now before I transferred him I talked to my supervisor about the whole situation and I´m so glad my call center had great and empathic supervisors because she was as horrified as I was that he was accusing me of being responsible for his father´s health and said that she would be happy to take the call. She even let me stay in the line just to hear the rest of the conversation.

Supervisor: Yes, hi this is **** speaking how may I help you?

Customer: Yes, I just dealt with the worst employee ever saying that he won´t be doing anything to lower my bill, I need to use my car!

Supervisor: Sir, I actually heard the entire conversation with my agent, he was being completly professional and explained the reason why he wouldn´t be able to do anything, not that he won´t do anything, after all he contacted me about the issue.


Supervisor: First of all, I think is really unfair that you blame the agent that´s been trying to help you all this time, we are CERTAINLY not responsible for the lack of information that was provided when the acocunt was created during a call. The reason why we won´t be able to do anything is due to the many violations that are on your record, so the account will stay the same.


Supervisor: We are really sorry for all this troubles sir, but again, I´m afraid we can´t do anything about this.

*Customer hangs up.*

My supervisor was nice enough seeing that I still a bit shocked of what just happened so she let me take a small break and get something to eat. After that the whole day seemed very distant to me.

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