Why cant I use my Credit Card

Hello, long time reader, first time posting to this wonderful community! On mobile blah blah blah you get the picture.

Some background: I am an Account Manager specializing in suspected and confirmed fraud for a rather large bank. Most of my calls come from frontline agents, either for assistance with procedures or because the customer wanted a manager.

Our story today has 3 actors: Myself(Me) the Frontline Agent (FLA) and the naive customer (NC);


Me: “Thank you for holding my name is Staltradon with (Bank) may I have your name please?”

FLA: (gives name) I have a cardholder here who is requesting a manager because they are not happy with the fact their card had to be cancelled.

Me: Ok just a moment (Its normally here where the managers will take a moment and read over the acct notes, activity, etc. Just to get a better framework of the situation. This account was reported as Identity theft about 3 days prior to this call)

I tell FLA to send the caller through.

Me: Customary greeting how can I help you today?

NC: Hi, I am very upset about not being able to use my card and your agent was doing nothing to help me! Whats going on?

Me: well it looks like your card was reported as a case of Identity theft about 3 days ago do you recall that?

(This is where this call gets weird for me)

NC: Well yes that was me but why doesn’t my card work.

Me: because you told us the account wasn’t yours ma’am so we cancelled the account and submitted an investigation.

NC: Oh I just did that so you guys would stop reporting to my credit; I read somewhere online that it was a ‘credit hack’.

(This account did have a pretty incredible history of being super late; not late enough to close the card but pretty close multiple times)

Me: utterly dumbfounded NC if this is the case I need to get you speaking with the investigators on your case so we can cancel it

NC: But I dont want it reported to my credit!

Me: But NC what you are doing is fraud itself and when investigations reviews account notes and sees this conversation they will deny your claim and all of your delinquency will be retained on your credit.

NC: but that’s not fair! I read you guys will just take me at my word and stop reporting the account!

(This went on and on for approx 20 mins until I finally took the reins back and said:)

Me: NC I will be letting investigations know about this and they will be letting the credit bureaus know as well. Thank you and have a good night


People will never cease to amaze me.

I have a bunch more tales but this is the first one that came to mind Thank you

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