Is it creepy for me to look up my customer service rep on social media?

Hey all! Full disclosure: I’ve worked at a call center for over two years, so I know exactly how this will sound. but please hear me out.

I’m a customer calling into a large business and got connected with a young guy sounding my age.

This is NOT normal for me, i never talk to phone representatives and take their kindness for anything more than professionalism. However during a 40 minute consultation call I think I fell in love with the guy on the other end. (Im F, early 20’s for clarification.) we had a few things in common and I really loved the guy’s energy and just the way he spoke. I don’t even know how to describe it. I could feel a connection…more than any business call I’ve ever had to make.

And no, im not lonely or socially deprived of human connection lol. Something really stuck out to me about him, and he mentioned during the call that he’s in a band in a particular town, so it took 2 seconds and I found his music Instagram..oops.

I’m low key fantasizing about DM’ing him and saying something along the lines of “hi, I don’t normally do this, but I was curious to hear some of your music and came across your page. Awesome stuff and thanks again for all your help 🙂 “

How weird am I for even wanting to do this? Someone talk me out of it or someone talk me into this please

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What do you think?

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