I guess it wasn’t so important after all, was it?

Took a tow request call. Husband and wife argue (nicely, mind) with me about how our system works. “We used to get ten service calls each per year. Now you’re saying it’s only four each. We’ve been members since 2017. When did that change?”

I tell them “Well, I’ve been here since January and it’s been this way ever since I started. I hadn’t ever heard it was anything else.”

We go in circles for a couple of minutes. Finally I offer, “Since I’ve only been here since January, I could put you on a brief hold to clarify that with a supervisor, or bring one on the phone to talk to you directly.”

“Oh no, that isn’t necessary. But when did it change?”

“I don’t have that information, myself, I’m sorry. Thank you for calling Three Alpha.” *ends call*

We can politely end the call if it’s obvious our answers or options aren’t going to be accepted. I’m betting anything they’ll call back.

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