Cst Calling wrong department demands supervisor.

Customer calls because he have an issue with our company.

Me: What seems to be the issue, sir?

Cst: explains the issue, demands to speak to a supervisor.

I go to my supervisor, she asks me what type of account he has after I explain the issue to her, she tells me that he should be talking to a different department (I’m new so I didn’t know that)

Me: well, sir it seems you are speaking to the wrong department, you need to go to the other department because neither me nor my supervisor can do anything to your account.

Cust: yeah the other department is currently closed, now give me your supervisor.

After 5 minutes of arguing I finally start to get a little heated up.

Me: Sir, I know it’s your right to speak to a supervisor, and because of the current situation I understand you have a lot of free time but if you have a problem with a company and you go to a different company and demand a supervisor, what do you expect that the supervisor will do other than tell you that they can’t interfere with another company’s policy?

All you have to do is wait till tomorrow, contact the proper department and your issue will be resolved what’s wrong with that?

Customer just leaves the phone and goes some where else.

I finally get to hang up after asking if he’s still there for 1 minute.

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