Corona has made working phones a living hell

I assume i’m not the only one who’s finding every phone call to be a whiney mess recently? I’m a 26 year old guy working at a council taking phone calls regarding neighbourly nuisances and the like.

I don’t have any specific stories of ‘special calls’ but I am routinely on the phone recently for 20-30 minutes for what are essentially 5 minute calls. I did have one lady crying, screaming, weeping and otherwise just breaking down to me on the phone because, and I quote; “I just can’t take it. They’re on that damn thing for up to an hour every single day, it’s driving me mad!”. This is in reference to her neighbours causing a ‘horrendous noise nuisance’ from their kids being on trampolines. Bear in mind this lady lives 4 doors away from the person she’s complaining about.

I’m guessing the rest of you guys are getting it bad too (or maybe even worse), but this whole COVID-19 business has turned everyone on the phones into absolute messes.

It’s especially awful with the elderly, their expectations as to what is something we should help with is outrageous. I’ve had people screaming down the phone at me because I won’t send people out to investigate things for them. When you explain why they can’t do it their response is always “am I just supposed to live with it then??”. Uh, yeah.. kinda?

I’ve also had (on several occasions), elderly people making comments like “oh well, if I die because of [lack of sleep/stress/whatever], then i’ll be sure to blame it on the fact you couldn’t be f*cked to do anything about it”. I’ve heard that (from my memory) at least 4 times in the past 2 weeks.

Sorry to rant, had to get it off my chest. Hope everyone else is having a better time.

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