I feel like I need out of this job

I work for an ISP, the turnover rate at my job is insane. Part of it is management but the rest is the calls themselves. A caller told my manager that they hope we all get Corona virus and die. People tell me I’m a bad person on a daily basis for working for my company.

I dread working every day, its been 4 months and I’m still uncomfortable as I was the first day. I keep thinking if I stick it out it will get better.

I worked in restaurants before this and I have to say I’ve reached the point where I’d rather go back to it, even if it is significantly less pay.

Sitting at a desk all day has got me gaining weight. I’m getting migraines more often, my sciatica is flaring. Mentally I’m drowning, I shouldn’t dread work this much, I’ve started crying thinking about work. My general health is in decline.

Then Corona hit. My company is basically pretending it doesn’t exist, they won’t let us work from home even though we can. My call center has about 120 employees, only 35 have been showing up. Employees are straight up just not showing up anymore.

Everywhere else is on the middle of a hiring freeze right now except food places looking for delivery drivers or supermarkets. I’m debating straight up applying to a supermarket when this blows over, I’m trying to hold out until places start hiring, but with everything thats going on I don’t see that happening soon.

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Doing their job right.

Corona has made working phones a living hell