Caller is blatantly sexist and racist

One of my calls today was a guy who simply wanted to create an account on our website but was severely technologically challenged. Since we were slow on calls, I spent the time to walk him through it, even helped him download and switch browsers so the website would work better. This guy was particiularly talkative and would make commentary, especially when he was doing the security questions. I personally didn’t mind and our company encourages human connection conversations. And then we get to the exchange I would like to share:

Caller: Oh. Another one… I just choose any quetion on the list, huh?

Me: Yes sir

Caller: Favorite animal… I can do that. That’s easy. I like fishes. There’s a lot of different species and we’re still finding more each year. Did you know there are hundreds of piranha species? It’s really amazing. What’s your favorite animal?

Me: (ready to geek out) I like sloths.

Caller: Oh. Why?

Me: Sloths are really incredible. Despite having no eveolutionary advantages, they have survived for thousands of years and surprisingly, the two toed and three toed sloths are two separate species. In fact, their ancestors were giants, as big as elephants and lived on land instead of in trees. They probably couldn’t even have climbed a tree without it breaking.

Caller: (laughs) Well… aren’t you a smart little girl.

Me: … Excuse me sir?

Caller: I said you’re a smart girl. There aren’t many around. You’re something special.

Me: (now uncomfortable and pissed) Have you filled out all the security questions?

Caller: Oh. Yeah. I click submit?

Me: Yes.

Caller: Oh! That did it! Great!

Me: Fantastic! Please remember to log into our website first each time before making any purchases. If there is anything else we can do for you in the future, please feel free to call again. Is there anything else I can do for you before we disconnect?

Caller: No. No. You’ve been great. What’s your name?

Me: (gives him my name)

Caller: Oh! No wonder you’re such a smart girl. Asians are smart. It’s in your genes. You’ll make a great wife one day if you aren’t married already.

Me: (has had enough) I am a 43 year old woman from Nigeria. (I am not. I was born in America to a Malaysian mother and Taiwanese father and am a whopping 25 years old.)

Caller: oh… what… are… are you sure?

Me: Have a nice day. Good bye.

(Caller launched a complaint against me; his exact words were: rude and incompetent and had an attitude problem)

Now, I want to end this post by saying I am sorry if I offended anyone by claiming to be a 43 year old woman from Nigeria when I snapped at being fetishized by this man.

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