Talking out of both sides of her internet

Work for an ISP/Cable co.

This story is from near 5 years ago.

Lady was a regular and honestly think split personality.

example of one of her chats word for word copy paste – “have messaged here before, numerous times and NEVER got a response! Just trying again b/c I am making note of your repeated terrible service! Oh, and by the way, I screenshot every msg I send here w/out ever getting a response. YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

meanwhile the notes before it are all our callbacks and conversations. We honestly wondered if she was referring to a different company we were in communication with her for every glitch hiccup or lag she experienced and 99% of them were her own equipment using a broken down computer at the time. Blue screen, called ISP. We talked to her she was decent on the phone one day and frothing at the mouth the next. But her computer was the issue time after time we told her.

Where it gets weird is she posts the nastiest facebook review about us and how she got credit regular for her issues (she didn’t we don’t credit your computer issues) and that she had, had enough and gave us an ultimatum of wanting a free year to stay and we didn’t so she quit our “horrible company”. At the time I am reading this review those years ago. I brought up her account and she was active and just referred a few people to us saying we had good rates per what the new customers told us.

She was also active on her local community page as were some of our employees at the time. Someone asked about internet and she posted she would refer to us and to use her name and how happy she was with the service for the credit. And employee copy pasted a link to her review stating former customers are not eligible for referral credit. So she was stuck. If she left the conversation as is she looks two faced. Or she admits she didn’t quit and is lying about her satisfaction. First time I saw someone delete their facebook review and our conversations by phone were seemingly nicer after that and she FINALLY took our advice and updated her computer to this century and just like that her internet problems were gone.

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