No..That’s Your Job: Or, When Call Centers Collide.

Just happened earlier on my shift tonight. I work at a parking company that manages parking for a University with a medical center. Halfway through my night I get a call from someone with the medical centers patient experience office.

Me: Hello, ParkingCompany, how may I help you.

Them: Yes, this is ______ with patient experience, we have a guest satiation we would like your help with.

Me: Okay, what’s going on?

Them: We have someone who needs to swap cars out from the garage.

Me:…Okay? I’m not sure I follow.

Them: They want to drive their current car out without paying, and pull a new car in and use their original ticket.

Now…no that’s not how it works. a.) its parking per car, not per person and b.) I have no grantee that they will use their original ticket.

Me: Uh…I’m sorry that’s not something I can approve.

Them: Is their anyone who can?

Me: A manager, but there are none in. (its around 4:00am)

Them: Is there anything we can do for them, they need their other car for work.

Me: Well… You guys can provide them with one of the full validation’s so they can get their first car out without payment.

Them: That’s not something we can do without authorization from you guys.

What…? That’s 100% untrue. The only thing we do with validations is provide the machines that stamp tickets and print out and provide physical ones. The medical center pays us for each validation used and they are allowed to provide them at their own discretion… In my almost 3 years here, that has never once been the case.

Me: Okaaaay…anything else I can help you with

Them: Can you send a summary of this to your management

Me: …Sure?

-end call- It was too early in the morning for that kind of crap. The medical center staff is notorious for that kind of stuff though. They will send calls about the university run shuttles to us, send us calls with general non parking questions, transferred a patient wanting to talk to a doctor to us, etc.

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