Just found this r/ and thought it an appropriate place to share my TI(almost)FU

Not today, but many years ago, I used to work at a bank’s prepaid card call center, we mostly handled payroll cards, the calls were easy and at 3 years on, I was considered a veteran.

I was also a huge stoner at the time, several coworkers were aware of that, (nbd, it’s mostly legal in my state) and one decided to share some chocolate she had recently picked up from a dispensary. She gave me two pieces, one for myself, the other for my Mrs. Problem being, it was right after my last break, two hours until I went home, nowhere to put the chocolate where it’s hidden and we’re not allowed food at our desks.

So I had to eat it.

I’m going about my day as normal, and about twenty minutes go by, and it hits me, no problem, I often rolled into work high as a kite, however, it didn’t usually kick in mid-call. As I this, it calls were pretty simple, balance inquiry, transaction review/disputes, or card replacements.

In this particular case, the card holder couldn’t read the CVV and wanted a new card, no problem, I’ll have one out to you in no time, 7-10 bd business fees for no fee or 3-5 business days for a $10 fee, they needed it asap, I sex them if be sending a replacement instead of canceling their current card, that way they could use their current card until the new one arrives. I go to the screen to order the replacement card, and my mind goes blank looking for the word “worn” or “damaged,” and type “cardholder’s cards is fucked up.” I was less than half a second in hitting save, which would have ended my tenure there, when I realized what was going on and changed my wording.

Tl;dr: Got too high to be at work and almost dropped an F bomb in notes that cannot be altered once saved.

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