That’s not how collections work!

I’m on mobile blah blah. I don’t technically work in a call center but making calls is part of my job. I work at a lovely loan company; it’s a job I don’t love it but, it’s something. Anyway, a customers husband calls and asks about his wife’s loan. I explain to him that I can’t give any information out without her permission, he hangs up. She calls and gives me permission; great right? Not. He proceeds to question every single little thing I’m telling him, “we paid three payments last time how are we passed due.” First of all; three payments covered until 3/13 which was yesterday and you only owe less than $6 on the payment to be caught up! He asks how the payments break down (what goes to principal etc) and I explained. $90 is your payment but at the beginning of your loan it all goes to interest not principal. He proceeded to call me an idiot because “I work in collections and that’s not how it works.” Well fuck head (didn’t actually say that) not all companies are the same. He then said “so we’re just paying interest right now?” I replied with again how of the wife’s payment goes to interest, he swore at me and I told him “if you’re going to keep being extremely rude sir, I will hang up.” He calmed down and repeated himself so I AGAIN explained and that’s when he hung up on me. At least I didn’t have to be the one to hang up. Called a manager and told them I refused to talk to that customer and if they call back they’re being transferred to the managers location. She told me she’d gladly deal with him, and also said I was justified in telling him I’d hang up. “You shouldn’t be treated like that.” Sometimes I question if I want to keep working here

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Just found this r/ and thought it an appropriate place to share my TI(almost)FU

yes, that’s exactly right….