"I’ll make sure they take your job!"

Honestly, why do customers think this kind of threat will make us panic and give them anything they ask?

I was speaking to a customer and explained why we couldn’t terminate their agreement after only a few of months with no cancellation fees, but explained what support was available (quite extensive really), especially at the moment.

Customer logic in stages:

1: Gets why we don’t do it but thinks we should make an exception. 2: Makes something up about us doing something for someone they know and not them so we’re not being fair. 3: Why am I reading from a script? (I’m not) 4: Asked to be put through to a manager who would do it (nope, sorry.) 5: Threatens to write to CEO, department head etc until it gets done and I lose my job.

Politely explained that current policy is determined by people in those roles and that we don’t take personal threats so terminated the call.

Struck me as ironic that they used the ‘everyone is struggling’ card in the same call as threatening to get someone fired.

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